Metzler‘s Map for Emigrants

This was the promotion of the  Allgemeine Auswanderungs=Zeitung in 1853:

- a high - demand item in its days, then forgotten.
Now available again!

Many studied  it in their homes and many emigrants had it in their baggage when they left the country:
„Gotthelf Zimmermann´s Map for Emigrants and Guide to North America shows the European ports of departure, the routes which ships had to travel at sea, the ports of arrival in North America, the routes by land and by water from the ports of arrival to the interior of America, the distances – given in German hours (1 German mile = 7,532 km = 4,68 American miles can be covered in 2 hours, i.e. 1 German hour = 3,766 km = 2,34 America miles) - between the main American cities, and the fares for the main routes given in Rhenish guilders and in thalers (1 thaler: about $ 1). Everything is easily comprehensible to anyone, particularly to emigrating craftsmen and farmers.”

In 1853 the 'second unchanged edition' was published by the publishing house and bookstore J.B. Metzler at Stuttgart.

Take a look at the map!

We offer this map as a reproduction which is available in different sizes. It was computerized and printed on special paper.

The prices are listed in the following table:
German standard paper size measurements
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A 2 42,0  x  59,4 16,5 x 23,4 45,--
A 1 59,4  x  84,1 23,4 x 33,1 60,--
A 0 84,1  x  118,9 33,1 x 46,8 90,--

Additional charges incl. rolls for delivery: 

- domestic: € 10,-- / $ 15,--
- Europe: € 15,-- / $ 22,50
- world: € 20,-- /  $ 30,-- (surface mail)

The map is delivered in rolls!

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